Group Classes

We call our Group Classes “Semi Private Classes” because we believe in keeping the small, intimate learning environment so that you get maximum attention and progress, even in a group. You’ll never be lost in the crowd!

Our open-level groups are a great budget-friendly way to build variety in your steps, try new styles of dance, have a date night, practice your lead/follow and technique, build comfort with steps and styles you’ve been working on, sharpen some fundamentals and break a sweat!

About our Semi-Private Group Classes

  • small, intimate class sizes of 6-10 people so you never feel lost in the crowd or overwhelmed
  • comfortable and friendly
  • still get 1-on-1 attention from instructor
  • build variety in styles and add steps
  • practice moving around with your partner and applying the connection skills you’ve been learning
  • no partner required
  • have FUN
  • get some stress release
  • flexible commitment- come when you want, these are not series classes!
  • semi privates are open level which means our instructors shape the class based on who is there, and make sure everyone has something to learn
  • we don’t require people to switch partners which is common in many classes.  It’s super beneficial to do so if you want to practice leads and following skills but we understand many of our clients are dancing SO they can spend time with their loved one. We respect and honor what you’re here for!
  • meet other students and enjoy a night out!

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Always check the booking software to reserve your spot and
make sure there’s no cancellations for your class!!

Our Current Semi-Private Group Offerings:

Mondays 6:15pm LGBTQ Community Class

If you are looking for the comfort of learning in an LGBTQ community only environment, this class is for you! As a Hillcrest business, we believe in supporting our community. This class is open level and covers a wide variety of styles with attention to different Partner dance styles each month. In this class you will see popular Latin dances, Rumba, Foxtrot, Social Slow Dancing, Swing and More!

All are welcome, any level, partner not required.

Mondays 7pm Slow Dancing & Ballroom Styles- Popular First Dance Styles.

This class covers the best dance styles suited to a variety of slow songs and the most popular styles of dance for First Dances for wedding couples. Styles include Rumba, Foxy/Social Slow Dancing, Waltz and Viennese Waltz, and Foxtrot.  Best for beginner-intermediate, no partner required.

Tuesdays 7pm Argentine Tango

I lived in Buenos Aires studying the Argentine Tango to write my senior thesis. That being said, I love everything about this dance. It’s such a special dance- a combination of both Smooth and Latin- that it deserves it’s own class. Improvisational in nature, this class works to get students comfortable dancing and experiencing an Argentine Tango through lead and follow, exploration of open to full leaning frames, understanding of music and styling, and footwork. For anyone curious about this magical dance- open level, no partner required.

Wednesdays 6:15pm Swing and Hustle

This sampler class features popular swing styles from East Coast and West Coast Swing, including Single and Triple Swing, Lindy Hop, and Swing’s cousin- Hustle. All great styles to know if you like the idea of dancing at weddings, to top 40s with a partner or to start social dancing without having to go to Latin dance-specific events. Open level, no partner required.

Thursdays 7pm Salsa and Social Latin

Have you been wanting to get into the world of Salsa and be able to go to dancing at Latin Dance Nights around San Diego? Then this is for you! Salsa and Latin Specialists cover the basics and fundamentals of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha in this class with a focus on Salsa. Open level, no partner required.

Check out our Group Schedule for the week HERE and Sign Up!

Always check the booking software to reserve your spot and
make sure there’s no cancellations for your class!!